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Professional Consultation

If you’re considering migration to Australia, invest in your future with a professional migration consulting session to explore the migration options available for your individual circumstances. Given the high cost of migration in terms of money, time and effort, a professional consultation beforehand can save you thousands of dollars and months of lost time, and can give you the knowledge you need and the confidence you deserve about your planned migration to Australia.

With over 100 different types of visas and one of the strictest and most complex visa systems in the world, Australia offers migrants many opportunities for temporary and permanent migration, settlement and citizenship. Our goal is to analyse your unique circumstances and use our extensive experience and knowledge to recommend a migration plan for you that achieves your goals for migration to Australia.

We can help design a successful migration program, including addressing the specific legal requirements involved with different types of visas, skills assessment, and more. We’ll work with you to analyse your migration goals, work experience, educational qualifications, and other aspects of your circumstances to determine the best migration options for you.

Representing You For Visa Cancellation/Refusal Issues, AAT Tribunal Reviews, Ministerial Intervention and More

In addition to our work helping businesses and individuals obtain Australian visas, one of our specialty areas is working with clients who need assistance with problematic visa situations such as being in Australia without a valid visa, cancellations, refusals, character issues, health problems, AAT tribunal reviews, Ministerial Intervention requests, and more. If you’re facing the loss of your visa, immigration detention, removal/deportation from Australia, a cancelled or refused visa, or other negative immigration issues, please contact us immediately for a professional review of your situation and recommendations for various options that may be of assistance to you. We will work with you to find any solutions available for your situation, and are ready to work with you to make those solutions a reality.

Professional Consultation Sessions

We offer different types of professional migration consulting sessions to best fit your schedule and geographical location including 30-minute consultations for detailed or complex cases available via phone (in Australia), at our Sydney CBD office at Martin Place, and via Zoom for $195.