Mark Northam

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Mark Northam

Principal Solicitor and RMA

Mark Northam is Principal Solicitor at Northam Lawyers and is admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and admitted to the High Court of Australia.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Macquarie University, Graduate Diploma in Law from The College of Law, Graduate Certificate in Australia Immigration Law and Practice from Victoria University, Professional Certificate of New Zealand Immigration Law, and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Accounting and Taxation) from the University of Houston. He is a NSW Justice of the Peace.

Mark is a member of the Law Society of NSW, Law Council of Australia (Federal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Section), City of Sydney Law Society, Australian Lawyers Alliance, Migration Institute of Australia and the Migration Alliance. Mark has published a wide variety of articles on immigration regulations including articles published by LexisNexis and others.

In addition to managing Northam Lawyers, Mark teaches professional education courses for immigration lawyers and RMAs through Migration Law Training, a professional education firm he founded, and is co-host of The Migration Show, a podcast for immigration professionals.

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