Visa Cancellations and Refusals

We can defend your visa against threats of refusal or cancellation

Because Australia has some of the most complex and strict immigration laws in the world, many visa applicants and visa holders find themselves faced with challenges when their visa application is refused or their visa is cancelled.

There are often ways to seek a review or appeal of an immigration decision, but strict rules and time limits apply.

Visa refusals remain on the Department of Immigration’s computer system for many years, and can make it very difficult to qualify for future visas depending on the circumstances. In worst cases, certain types of visa refusals and cancellations, if not handled properly, can result in temporary or permanent exclusion from Australia. In most cases, a visa refusal or cancellation will have only one opportunity for a review by a review tribunal – if unsuccessful, no further review by that tribunal is available.

One of our specialties is assisting clients who run into problems with their visa or visa application in the area of cancellations and refusals including:

  • Visa Application Refusals
  • Visa Cancellations for Character Reasons
  • Student Visa Cancellations for Non-Attendance/Non-Performance
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal Reviews
  • Ministerial Intervention and Requests to the Minister

We’re ready to represent you even if your case may be complex or difficult, and will make sure you are aware of all your rights and opportunities for review. We’ll appear and represent you before the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and any review tribunal you may be eligible for, and we’ll handle all communications with the Department of Immigration on your behalf. Our work for review clients includes:

  • Advising you of all relevant deadlines and time limits that apply to your case
  • Explaining all of your legally available options
  • Assisting you in gathering reference documents, statements from others, and other documents
  • Preparing a complete submission package for the appropriate authority
  • Lodging your review submission with the appropriate authority
  • Representing and assisting you in hearings
  • Communicating with DHA and all review authorities on your behalf

Putting Our Knowledge and Experience To Work For You

We’re ready to represent your interests, prepare your defence, and strongly argue your case to get you the best chance of achieving the migration outcome you want. If you’ve had a visa refused or canceled, or have any visa problems you wish to discuss, we’d be happy to work with you.

To start the process of your migration to Australia and get answers to your migration questions, schedule your private consultation with Mark Northam today by Skype, phone, or at our offices in Sydney.