Health and Character Waivers

We can create health and character waiver applications

Australia has some of the toughest health and character requirements in the world for visa applications and Australian citizenship applications. If you have concerns about whether you may meet the health or character requirements, or if you have received a letter from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) advising you that your visa or citizenship application is subject to refusal for health or character reasons, we can help determine your options and advise you on the best way to proceed.

Health Waiver Application Packages

For some visas, a “health waiver” is available where the applicant can provide detailed arguments and evidence as to why the applicant (and family in some cases) would bring talents, skills, experiences and other benefits to Australia that should outweigh their anticipated medical costs to Australia.

We can prepare a comprehensive, detailed health waiver application package to present specific legal arguments why the applicant(s) have benefits to Australia that should outweigh the assessed medical costs as determined by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth.

Character Waiver Application Packages

Australia’s tough new rules on character means that even a series of relatively minor offences can result in visa or citizenship refusal. If you’re concerned about whether your criminal record or other previous incidents in your life would be likely to cause a visa or citizenship refusal, or if you’ve received a letter from DHA about character issues with your application, we can help determine if and how you can meet the immigration legal requirements for character.

Depending on your circumstances, we can prepare a detailed character waiver application package that shows, despite your previous history, why you should not be refused a visa or citizenship for Australia based on your previous record. If you’re in immigration detention or jail, we can represent you before DHA and the Courts to fight hard for your visa or citizenship to give you the best chance to successfully migrate to Australia and deal with any character allegations

If you’re facing health or character issues with your migration to Australia, contact Northam Lawyers today – we’re here to help.