8503 No Further Stay Waivers

We can help you remove the 8503 No Further Stay condition.

If your current visa for Australia has the dreaded “No Further Stay” condition (listed on your visa as Condition 8503), this condition prevents you from lodging another visa application for Australia while onshore holding your current visa. This applies even if your current visa has expired and you remained onshore after the visa expired, and generally only goes away once you leave Australia or if you are granted another non-bridging visa for Australia.

The good news is that there are specific waiver regulations for Condition 8503 that can, in some cases, result in Condition 8503 being waived for the purposes of a new visa application you wish to lodge onshore in Australia. The waiver regulations are challenging to meet, especially the aspect of the waiver that requires changes in a visa applicant’s circumstances that are beyond the control of the applicant.

Northam Lawyers will work with you to develop the best legal arguments and evidence as to how you can satisfy the 8503 Waiver requirements for your case, and we’ll give you an honest, candid opinion about the chances of success and any things you can do to help increase those chances.

If you are concerned that you may be affected by Condition 8503 and want to know your options, contact us today to help you have the best chances of success with your onshore  visa application.